You don't need to spare one thought about any of this. But then, the chorus comes back around, and he's convinced to "turn it up a notch.". Proud of his home, Staples is at ease within this discord, but he doesn't shy away from its costs. "Latch" is a spectacularly weird song — so weird that Disclosure felt sure it wouldn't be well-received. In February 2011, no one knew who Abel Tesfaye was. all those cookie-cutter house tracks and cute EDM hits quake. Click for More Charts. 1 hit for nine straight weeks the following year, would help the teen inherit. But beyond that, it was more than a viral craze in the vein of Psy's "Gangnam Style" or Rebecca Black's "Friday." It coaxes you to feel sympathetic, to relate to that vulnerability, but then repulses you. Chance the Rapper is known for uplifting gospel-rap with a jazzy-pop twinge. When "Retrograde's" slow burn finally builds to its climax, that buzzing swell of electronic emotion, it feels like you're leaving your body. The Top 100 list, compiled by the Official Charts Company, features 55 … What a way to kick off the decade. "There was something about 'Teenage Dream' that brought her to another level of sophistication," cowriter Bonnie McKee told Billboard, "where it really captured the hearts of everyone from your grandma to your metalhead cousin.". All of her brags and snarls are yours now. You'd never expect to love a song so much that includes the lyric, "I guess that c--- getting eaten" — until you can practically hear Azealia Banks grinning in the first verse of "212," her nimble voice strutting through Belgian house music. "And it's also maybe a little bit of a message to my fans. The defining tracks of the decade, starring Robyn, Drake, Vampire Weekend, Daft Punk, SZA, and many more. Kanye West's divisive 2016 album "The Life of Pablo" illustrated a Tale of Two Personas: the father and the philanderer, the legend and the naïf, the devoted disciple and the fallen angel. Recently awarded the prestigious Song of the Decade Gong at The Q Awards and also the Best Contemporary Song honour at the 2012 Ivor Novello Awards, Lana Del Rey’s breakthrough anthem is a baroque pop masterpiece. By … Nothing can ever beat the old-school classics, but the 2010s was a time when the music industry experimented with new genres while refining old ones that have been neglected over time. 10 Best Movie Songs of the 2010s, From ‘Let It Go’ to ‘Remember Me’ (Photos) Decade in Review: “Shallow” and “Everything Is Awesome” rank among the highlights of the decade The lullaby-trap fusion — which sees Lil Uzi Vert sing-rapping about nihilism and dead friends, barely bothering to enunciate — came to feel like a natural representation of Gen Z's distaste for polished industry professionals and sharp nose for phonies. Despite SZA's years-long cascade of beautiful music — from 2014's "Sweet November" to her 2017 album's lead single "Drew Barrymore" — her defining anthem has become "The Weekend," a graceful fusion of a young Justin Timberlake's trance-infused R&B and modern, glittering synths. With its dancehall influence — years before Drake's "One Dance" or Rihanna's "Work" — and its themes of female empowerment and sexual power — including its connection to the Women to Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia, a years-long campaign that only saw the fruit of its labor last year — it still feels like "Bad Girls" could've been released yesterday. Of course, the song was already dominating worldwide charts, but Justin Bieber's involvement marked a turning point in pop music. Top Ten Songs From 2010 Click links below for Top 100 lists. Structurally and compositionally, this is Ocean's most ingenious work to date. "The song meant more than just, 'Can this be a pivotal moment in pop history?' The outro's Soulja Boy sample is just the ingenious icing on top of the cake. by Lana Del Rey and "Igor" by Tyler, the Creator.) It felt righteous, intoxicating, and impressively ahead of its time. This process becomes even more complicated when you're asking how a song fits into its own era (in this case, its decade). 1 song, "Thank U, Next. Rankings are based on initial and lasting popularity and on acclaim received from critics and musicians. "Do I Wanna Know?" In under a year's time, Bieber went from the irresponsible, immature poster child for white boy nonsense to pop music's savior. It's a song that's meant to be screamed — throatily, passionately, and with full abandon. Some of the best music from artists like Janelle Monáe, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande bears the mark of Robyn's signature "poptimism," for which "Dancing On My Own" is the ultimate example. One of the craziest things about that record is how strange it is. Songs about love gone wrong remained a pop staple in the 2010s: All the decade’s technological advances didn’t do much for romance, when all was said and done. I think my best songs come from me sitting at a piano, bashing my head against a brick wall for hours and hours on end to get one good melody." Beyond its impeccable production and arena-friendly arrangement, "All Too Well" is a cinematic, five-minute masterclass on narrative structure. Lyrically, Swift has rarely been more in control. And while every song he touches these days is a prime example of his ingenuity and flair, "The Less I Know the Better" truly embodies what makes a Tame Impala song resonate. There is no other song in existence that evokes the same ultra-specific, exquisite emotion as "Somebody Else." From bops like 'Call Me Maybe' to grittier songs like 'Ho Hey' to the SoundCloud stylings of 'Old Town Road,' the 2010s were packed with pop songs. But rather than simply observing this pattern or offering a commentary, Lamar comes bearing "a message of unbreakable optimism in the face of hardship" and a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. It was like "B---- Better Have My Money" was her final battle cry. "Track 10" would eventually become her polished, Lizzo-featuring single "Blame It on Your Love," but in its rough original form, we get a peek into Charli's process — which is to say, the process of one of this generation's most forward-thinking singer-songwriter-producers. "As an escapist fantasy of girl-power, it's a triumph, but as a rallying cry to buck the status quo, it's even better.". 1. All this success aside, it's also a phenomenal song. She adopts more of a playful eye-roll. List of Top Ten Songs Of Each Year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 as compiled by The Attempted Coup at the Capitol Proves This Is the United States of QAnon, Twitter Takes Bold Action Against President Who Can’t Hurt It Anymore, Watch Mitch McConnell Warn of Democratic ‘Death Spiral’ Minutes Before Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol, John Fogerty Debuts New Gospel-Flavored Protest Song to See Trump Off, Gov. As Billboard's Lyndsey Havens noted at the time, there's something about the chorus' rallying lyric, "I'm a rebel just for kicks now," that felt especially resonant in the tense, high-stakes atmosphere of 2017. It's the kind of earnest, transcendent love song that queer kids have craved for decades. The song was a harsh critique of an opulent world — a world that this very song, which became a No. Is it something you can listen to over and over without getting tired of it? But her lyrics don't just recall details, they immortalize them. That I've missed them.". He raps over a luscious, sparkling chord progression, while employing his characteristic wit — and even reveling in a bit of Odd Future-era shock value — without hiding behind "characters" or disingenuity. 1 song of 2017, Syd, the lead singer of The Internet, has written, known for brutally honest lyrics that explored addiction and death, first collaboration between Rihanna and Drake, the first female rapper with two No. But in Beyoncé's hands, it feels positively transcendent — especially considering her iconic performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, when she revealed her first pregnancy onstage after nailing the song's four key changes. Stigmas and narrow expectations for mothers, especially for black mothers, still run rampant. ", "people truly just weren't ready to comprehend that many layers of emotion," she later wrote on Twitter, trying to explain why the song didn't top the chart. They shine individually but brightest as a whole, like Ursa Major, with its distinctive Big Dipper pattern and commanding place in the night sky. The 2010 ’s saw A 7 X moving further and further from their metalcore and thrash origins, opting for Pantera-esque trots over Metallica-minded sprints. In retrospect, it was the perfect way to kick off their side-by-side decade-long reigns. Now try to tell me that "Uptown Funk" doesn't succeed on every single one of those levels. This part is the most important: You don't need to know where Ocean went to school to appreciate the song. Let me set the scene: It's the beginning of the decade. Though it's clearly one of the singer's most autobiographical songs, there's something about its glimmering, winking quality that makes "Slow Burn" feel like a soothing balm prescribed for your own individual soul. ", His goofy, gleeful breakout hit "Caroline" manifests joy better than any popular rap song in recent memory. Warm, sparkling guitar riffs initially dominate the song. "'Malamente' marked the arrival of one of the decade's most remarkable — and unexpected — talents," Philip Sherburne wrote for Pitchfork. Sam Smith's exquisite vocal range could make any gospel-inspired ballad feel alive, but it's really their stirring emotional depth and honesty that made "Stay With Me" such a sensation. But "Habits (Stay High)" became a sensation for that very reason. To listen to The 1975's synth-laden masterpiece is to wrap yourself in a gossamer spun from nostalgia and misery and guilt and some perverse sense of self-importance in the face of betrayal ("Get someone you love? But as the pop-rock ballad builds and the instruments swell, Swift begins to lose her cool. It's no fluke, either. "Everything in the song was verbatim what I was dealing with at the time," the rapper revealed. But none will ever give you the same disorienting thrill as Frank Ocean's two-part odyssey "Nights.". As an exquisite blend of tropical pop and R&B (with a last-minute, climactic swerve into punk-rock territory), it's both a product of its genre-bending era and a timeless, sexy slow burn. "It's essentially one line of melody, one two second phrase, yet somehow it feels good for four minutes," Lorde once wrote of "Antidote" on Twitter. And Chance, already a formidable lyricist in his own right, handed back a career-topping verse that paid direct homage to West's influence. It's something about thinking you've got the song figured out, and then instead of the chorus giving you a dramatic beat drop, it pulls back and gives you that bass line — minimal yet confident, and powerfully seductive. Pop that pretty question right now, baby") — but in reality, it's us she has wrapped around her finger. "He turned it into this epic song.