Ecco un riepilogo dei servizi e dei vantaggi che ti aspettano: WiFi gratuito Fast Track Sedili in pelle Extra spazio Schermi personali Servizio catering dedicato Quotidiani e riviste Lounge Italo Club Video sorveglianza Locker bagagli Alta Velocità Italo Trasferta. Italo train tickets can be canceled if you change your mind. Italo Primo vs Club executive. Pour aller à Rome en train ou voyager en train en Italie, vous pouvez montrer à bord d'un train Italo.Vous pouvez acheter vos billets de train Milan Rome Italo sur Omio. Bevande calde e fredde e un ampio assortimento di prodotti di panetteria e pasticceria. The Italo has been called the Ferrari of trains, which I guess is due to its futuristic, sleek design, and for being red. 30 Ž7 24 21 ddddd Stand up area bbd d . The three classes are: Smart (roughly akin to second class), Prima (first class), and Club (premier first class). Italo's trains run at speeds up to 190 MPH (300 km/h) and have three classes of service. Hope you enjoy this trip report about train travel in Italy! Our reclining Frau leather seats are equipped with soft individual armrests, and they ensure a wide personal space and freedom of movement. The Club Executive class is Italo's most exclusive class with only 19 seats located in the last carriage, reserved lounges, extra comfortable armchairs, a welcome service, free Wi-Fi, Fast Track boarding, with bespoke catering and 9" screens. {{totalPassenger}} Travel in our most exclusive ambience and relax in comfort and privacy whilst enjoying unrivalled entertainment: 30 Ž7 24 21 ddddd Stand up area bbd d . Until 3 minutes prior train departure, Buy your book of tickets! You can look forward to unlimited WiFi and reclining Faux leather armchairs, with large and comfortable seats, footrests, coffee tables and power sockets all available. Italo dispose d’une flotte extrêmement moderne de trains propres et confortables, avec des classes de services allant du Smart (standard) au Club Executive (classe VIP). Passenger 4. Italy forums . Italo club lounges. A high number of seats is available in our 7 Smart coaches, all with free Wi-Fi connection. Italo high-speed trains connect a total of 13 major Italian cities and are the number one choice when traveling on train from Rome to Florence and other popular train routes in Italy. Passengers, Couple an Italo Più code. We also went on the train from Florence to Pisa and had to sit coach. Tous les passagers peuvent utiliser les salons Casa Italo dans les principales gares où Italo appelle. @mine: ho avuto modo di viaggiare in Club Executive la scorsa settimana fra Roma e Milano con il nuovo treno Italo EVO. … The Seat: The Poltrona Frau leather seats in this italo Club car is welcoming and sporty.At speeds close to 200 mph, the high-end sports car feel is just … Inoltre, sui treni No Stop del mattino tra Milano e Roma trovi la nuova Colazione da Italo con caffè espresso e … Italo Rail Club Executive – At The Station Executive Club passengers offer some additional services at the stations. – Welcome espresso in italo Club. Rating 4.0/5. I tried it early, and maybe I was ahead of any improvements, but trains in Italy are pretty darn good compared to the USA that there isn't much to do to make it better. With the new Italo Fast Track service your journey starts off on the Right Track! Our broad offer of journey ambiences, each with its own features and services, allows you to pick your own traveling style and never compromise on quality. Les trains Prima et Club Executive à bord des trains Italo offrent une sphère de travail confortable et silencieuse. Elle comprend des sièges en cuir et spacieux, un fast track, un accès gratuit aux salons Italo Club dans les gares principales, un service traiteur dédié (café, produits de boulangerie et confiserie, boissons), des écrans individuels de 9 pouces, ainsi que des journaux et magazines nationaux. We do not have classes, but 4 journey ambiences: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive, allowing for 5 different traveling styles. Train Travel; Traveling With Disabilities; Tripadvisor Support; Solo Travel ; Bargain Travel; Timeshares / Vacation Rentals; SEE ALL» Europe forums; Italy forum; Italy forums . Sale temporarily suspended. Seats are arranged in three rows and separated by a wide aisle; you can also select a single-seat station and enjoy an even wider space. Club Executive class consists of an open saloon with 11 seats (pictured below left on an AGV train) and two intimate compartments of 4 seats called salottinos (pictured below right on an AGV train), ideal for small groups or on-board meetings. Precedente. Affordability with extra space. Travelling in a Smart ambience means enjoying in a smart travelling experience combining self-service and comfort. 40 44 41 45 3 21 25 29 33 37 . 30 Ž7 24 21 ddddd 40 44 41 45 B 24 21 28 25 36 40 41 45 51 49 54 . Sei pronto a sperimentare il lusso di una trasferta Italo Club Executive? Get on board on Italo Our broad offer of journey ambiences, each with its own features and services, allows you to pick your own traveling style and never compromise on quality. If you want privacy and you have the money, book it. italo is the name of a private Italian train operator, offering service on various routes in Italy. Club executive: 'Relax in comfort and privacy,' extra-wide armchairs, free WiFi, fast Track, dedicated catering, access to the Italo club lounge, personal screen. Elle fait partie de la société privée Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV). Comfort and high speed, which have always been distinctive traits of the Italo travel experience, are renewed on the new Italobus branded bus that connects the Reggio Emilia AV station to various centers in Emilia Romagna and from the stations of Naples and Salerno to different cities in Campania, Basilicata and Calabria. Enjoy exclusive Club Room for first class train tickets, doing your train trip waiting more comfortable. Club Executive class passengers can use the Club Italo Lounges for up to 3 hours before departure at Turin Porta Susa, Milan Centrale, Florence SMN, Rome Tiburtina, Rome Termini & Naples Centrale with free coffee & soft drinks and free WiFi at the rear of the Casa Italo. E' molto più confortevole del precedente soprattutto per quanto riguarda la comodità e ergonomia delle poltrone. Craig C. Rutherglen, United... Level Contributor . We had splurged and booked the Executive Club class, which out of the four classes onboard is the “highest” for the almost six hour ride to Salerno. Answer 1 of 7: The low cost seats are sold out on Italo (S.M.N to Termini), but they have these in economy: 1) Smart @ 35.10 euro, 2) eXtra @ 36.10 euro, 3) Prima @ 37 euro, 4) Club @ 36.10 euro Would Club be the obvious bargain for a family of 4? Running at speeds of up to 300 km/h Italo trains connect the largest cities and are an interesting alternative to the Frecciarossa high speed trains of … Ongoing assistance NTV began operation in April of 2012, and offers only high-speed train service. Italo connects Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples with new, super fast and secure trains. - Complimentary entry to Lounge Italo Club, where waiting for a train becomes a pleasure, not a bore. Affordable, comfortable, convenient. Maximum relax, unique service. Italo Club: This is the train’s super-first class, a separate carriage at the front of the train—only 11 seats and two compartments. While booking a Milan to Naples ticket on the Italo high-speed train, I noticed some nice fares. All our trains have spaces reserved for wheelchair users and these are located close to the, Your luggage can be stored in the easily accessible, You can easily and conveniently buy an espresso coffee, a cold drink or a snack from our vending machines located in Coach 3 and in Coach 7 on the, You’ll find additional information regarding our services dedicated to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility in the Passengers with. The optimized layout of the ample reclining Frau seats, equipped with footrest and an individual power socket, ensures a better freedom of movement. Then there is Club Executive: our exclusive journey ambience for the most demanding passengers. I have booked Club Executive class (=first class), which is the highest booking class on the italo and hence is their firsdt class product. Our onboard staff is ready to welcome you with a selection of sweets, snacks, warm drinks and cold beverages. December 2020 13. Florence - Naples: 2h49m Milan - Florence: 1h50m Naples - Rome: 1h07m. It depends on your ticket flexibility options, so check before purchasing and see which type of tariff gives you the most flexibility in terms of refunds. (Available in those stations containing Lounge Italo Club) Smart: Coach 9 Smart: Coach 10 Smart Cinema ambience: Coach 11 . You can contact us at any time via our phone desk and our website and choose from a broad portfolio of ticket offers and collateral services, designed to make your traveling experience as worry- and hassle-free as possible. Train prices from Rome to Florence from Italo ( – Smart is a Standard Seat, Prima is a Business Seat. And yes, that is part of the ticket price! - A generous choice of Italy’s favourite newspapers and magazines to read at your leisure as you travel. Every day, we are committed to best supporting you before, during and after your trip. I'm amazed how great of seats they are for the price. Avoid queues and pass through checkpoints with ease thanks to a dedicated access to your train with the new Fast Track service. Book your first class train ticket. And… action! Riding Italo Rail Club Executive Class Florian Buechting 13. Vibrant with colours, this journey ambience provides services such as reclining Frau leather seats, footrests, individual power sockets and independent tables. For a family of 4, Italo offers a special deal on the 4 person train compartments in the Club Executive level from Venice to Rome. Custom service Our concept of service is based upon accurately balancing three key factors: a custom service, an ongoing assistance and best comfort. They were okay, but NO room. - Every seat includes a 9” personal screen so you can enjoy the great selection of complimentary onboard entertainment available on our Italo portal, or browse the Internet in total comfort. Furthermore more, NRT operates the Italo Club lounges. The main train station in Rome (Roma Termini) The added perk of purchasing business class tickets is the Italo Club Lounge access in Roma Termini. 7 reviews. NTV-Italo Automotrices 11 voitures 5 bogies motorisés 1.435mm 3kV DC - 25kV AC 10 synchrones à aimants permanents 7.500kW 300km/h 410 T 200m 19 Club Executive 76 Prima 76 Comfort (ex Prima) 289 Smart (pas de bistrot) soit au total 460 places Italo – Seat map Club ambience: Coach 1 Prima: Coach 2 Prima: Coach 3 Prima: Coach 4 . Italo Rail Executive Class. Each level offers certain additional benefits with Executive Class being on top of the list. On the trains, served by free Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout, passengers can access the Italo Live on-board portal, to enjoy its varied entertainment content such as complementary films, newspapers, music, digital books, and much more. - Dedicated catering including expresso coffee and a mouthwatering selection of Italian sandwiches, bakery products and drinks. Please note that this website utilizes its own and third-party cookies to improve its services, facilitate browsing and display information related to your preferences. And if you select the single-seat option, your trip can be even more comfortable. December 2020 Other Transportation No Comments. Cost goes from $160 for Smart to $250 for the private compartment. Italo is the best way for travelling in Italy by train. Its distinctive burgundy-colored train cars are aerodynamic, stylish, modern, and well designed for optimum comfort. It's so worth it. Prima Relax ambience: Coach 5 Smart: Coach 6 Smart: Coach 7 Smart: Coach 8 . E' molto più confortevole del precedente soprattutto per quanto riguarda la comodità e ergonomia delle poltrone. Snack Area, with vending machines for some affordable espresso coffee, cold drinks and snacks. We do not have classes, but 4 journey ambiences: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive, allowing for 5 different traveling styles. Also, a number of small utilities is available for each passenger: a power socket, a reading light control, a glove compartment placed between double seats. - To access the Fast Track lane, Italo Più Privilege and Corporate Privilege cardholders need to display their ticket together with their Italo card. Our staff is trained to handle emergency situations both onboard and off the train. Passengers will be able to depart by train with Italo and continue their journey with Italobus to the new destinations, sure to enjoy, also in this case, the maximum assistance from Italo that will offer reception services at the track and bus stalls near the stations served.