The Trois Vallées, which include Courchevel, Meribel, and Val Thorens, is the largest connected ski area in the local universe, with over 180 lifts. At about 2650 meters, we traverse the slope NE to reach a shoulder at 2780 meters. If you tend to stick The glaciers are large, the choice of itinerary is vast, so even after several days of ski touring traffic, there remain large areas of untracked snow. The newsletter you will want to read! A great descent awaits us on the Glacier du Gebroulaz. The overnight storm left thick clouds which cleared gradually through the morning and I seemed to have the mountain to myself. I was determined to hold my pace, not to stop, so it was a happy ‘bonjour’ and on and up as the trail steepened. Not well known compared with Mont Blanc, maybe, but still wonderful mountains. As expected, just below the top snow and shale made the final 100m a challenge. Group Size But the downhills can all be skied quite reasonably, despite some steep sections. all different kinds of snow, from the best to the worst, and you need I seemed in good shape, so it was the col for me. Tour du Soleil With no group of so-called wise men laying down the law, the trekker is free to improvise around the theme, both in stages and route. We begin our tour by riding the Olympe lift from Brides. This small town is located just to the north of the world famous ski complex of the Trois Vallées. Maximum Here I met up with the group of three I had passed on the first climb, not French at all but more Israelis exploring the range. Geolocation and access. I teamed up with Gal, an Israeli who was walking alone. The trains from Geneva Airport to Modane came with an almost Swiss precision and took around 3hrs 30mins. I called a couple of days before setting off and did the lot in 25 minutes. Ability to side-slip, both forward and backward, on firm 40° slopes. The climb was mainly straightforward, if steep, but the col was puzzling: just where did the descent start from? From here, a short taxi ride takes us back to Brides-les-Bains. This hut is quite nice, complete with showers! Mont Thabor It’s also written up clockwise, not anti-clockwise as described here. This very easy trail can be done in the other way around. You must It then makes a high traverse from ridge to col to ridge before eventually coming out at the PNV’s Refuge de L’Arpont. Tips and notes on trekking in the Vanoise. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Ski programs overview Jorcin Marie Louise - apt Myosotis. Our tour connects these two glacial systems, from Val Thorens to the SW, to the upper reaches of the Doron de Champagny, above and NE of Courchevel. tour, please contact us to see if we can answer your questions. The CAF Refuge de Fonds de l’Aussois was right at the bottom of the descent, looking out over a green and flat high pasture. 2017 - Find the perfect royalty-free image for your next project from the world’s best photo library of creative stock photos, vector art illustrations, and stock photography. tour requires a high level of fitness and very good skiing abilities. But is that cheating? The Vanoise is France’s oldest National Park, founded in 1963. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Aiguille de la Vanoise, as well as the logistics of climbing to the summit. If you have any doubt about your ability to manage the skiing on this ... the Champagny le Haut plateau is the setting of one of the most magnificent cross-country skiing areas in Savoy. If you are good Either I re-traced my first day or I tried the Col de la Masse, another 2900m col with another possible peak, the Rateau d’Aussois. Now the glimpses are more tantalising than overt. Itinerary Comba Damon Champagny en Vanoise Start from the path, located right at ... Chapelle de la Couaz Hameau La Couaz Champagny le Haut 73350 Champagny-en-Vanoise ... on the chapel side. With mountain views, this property has a patio. Cheap deals Termignon-la-Vanoise. Nous vous proposons deux chalets en bois en location à Pralognan-la-Vanoise. to have sound, energy-efficient strategies to cope with them. Toute l'équipe Vanoise Immobilier vous assure, tout au long de l'année, un service sur mesure, quel que soit votre projet immobilier : Location, Transaction, Estimation et autres prestations diverses. The Park is a wildlife mecca, wholly undeveloped except for a few discrete refuges, mainly run by the PNV, the Parc National de la Vanoise. Featuring a garden and a terrace, Le Chalet de la Vanoise offers accommodation in Saint-André with free WiFi and garden views. • All supplies and outdoor gear, banks, pharmacies and most other services in limited form are available in Modane and Pralognan. • I am confident that it is possible to take a taxi, or maybe even a bus, to L’Orgère, rather than climb, inevitably in hot weather. This was another steep climb on a reasonable path, waymarks were few and snow patches small, before the gradient lessened and I came out at a broad col. Off trail I lost the path on the descent over rocks, re-joining it lower where it was all too obvious where I should have been. Another straightforward day, initially continuing the high traverse under the glaciers: with fresh streams coming down from the glaciers above, small lakes and green pastures, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of the trek. Still the Sherpa supermarket was open and, refreshed with coffee and cake, it was time to head to bigger hills. They were lawyers, engineers, financiers. has more to do with the conservation and expenditure of energy over Descent - 1660 meters But there are no bins, even at the huts, so any rubbish must be carried and disposed of outside the park. The Tour des Glaciers isn’t an official trail: it follows existing paths, including the GR5 and GR55 routes through the Vanoise to achieve its circuit. the rhythm and balance needed for steep or difficult snow. This high glacial plateau extends for about 12 kilometers, and offers an unique ski touring paradise. At about 2700 meters, we turn east, pass the Refuge de Péclet Polset, and then continue north again to finally reach our hut, the Refuge du Roc de la Pêche at 1880 meters. Descent - 1215 meters An easy reach of a domain of a are size, a zone of total freedom. A short descent to the Lac de Arpont, then another short climb leads to the final descent of about 450 meters to the Refuge de l'Arpont. From the Refuge de l'Arpont we have a number of options to regain the Vanoise ice cap in the vicinity of the Dôme de Chasseforêt. Skiers who regularly enjoy black or double black runs in most western American Being in good shape will ensure you have enough energy to manage First, via the Olympe lift it allows easy, roadless access to the vast lift system above. Queyras, France On a number of days the total elevation gained is over 1000 meters (3300 feet). The last 100 meters are steep and if the snow is hard, best done on foot. are not overly steep. Champagny en Vanoise is one of the 10 resorts of la Plagne. From the Dôme, we ski gently down to the north, then more steeply to reach the Col du Pelve at 2970 meters. The park fights and largely draws an uneasy battle with the ski industry. From here we follow the snow-covered road all the way to Champagny-le-Haut at about 1470 meters. There are a few steep sections, but for the most part the slopes Another col day. If you don’t love our mix of new books, articles, offers and competitions, you can unsubscribe at any time. Check with the PNV and hut guardians before heading out before mid-July to understand the conditions. But removed from the hustle and bustle of commerce, is one of the largest ice caps in Europe, the Glacier de la Vanoise. This is a big north-facing downhill, interesting and complex. Our last day is spectacular, crossing directly under the immense north face of the Grande Casse. You will first walk under spruces and then, on the plateau to get to the hamlet of Le Bois. In the heart of this wilderness, Bessans offers a real breath of fresh air on a high plateau dotted with hamlets and criss-crossed all winter long. Modane is no one’s idea of a resort. I am probably one of the strange few who enjoys the long and steep 900m climb from Modane to the Refuge de L’Orgère, one of the ‘gateways’ to the Vanoise National Park. A good gauge of your ability can be found in mogul skiing. Probably one of the most impressive crossroads highways in the whole of the Alps, five major routes meet here, all of which are great routes, either exploring high valleys or traversing steep mountains. 00 81 À l'est, les clochetons de Lanserlia au pied desquels se trouvent des glaciers rocheux. If the snow cover is good, we should be able to ski nearly the entire distance. Chronos and Watts simulations for the best cycling performances, during the mythic climbs of The Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta. Ascent - 1437 meters I was surprised when the trusty Suunto told me I had climbed 1750m. Our starting point, the village of Brides-les-Bains, has a natural thermal hot spring which has been developed into a spa at Le Grand Spa des Alpes. Traversing high under the face, we pass above a large icefall, then have long, varied, north-facing slopes to descend to about 2030 meters. Rendezvous in Brides-les-Bains. Image. This wonderful fact, coupled with the direct lift access from Brides to Meribel (and by connection to Courchevel and Val Thorens) suggests that the most reasonable plan is to "ski and spa" for at least a couple of days on either end of our tour. If your Refuge de la Leisse (2,487m) 9:45 - 12:10 Pont de Croé-vie (2,099m) 12:30 - 16:30 Refuge Col de la Vanoise or Refuge Félix Faure (2,519m) The refuge is ideally located. Gran Paradiso It clearly sees itself as the gold standard. I carried microspike crampons, and used them once, on the final day. Distance - 11.0 km. Le Plateau de Retord : Francúzsko - Lyžiarske stredisko - - Lyžiarske stredisko - Auvergne-Rónske-Alpy - - Livecam - Cam - Kamera - Cuvéry - Plans d´Hotonnes - - Webcam The 17km/5hr/+500m day to L’Arpont felt longer than it should have, probably a reflection of the previous day’s climbing. And so to the next refuge, the Refuge de la Col de la Vanoise at 2500m, run by the CAF (Club Alpin Français). We would describe this tour as "medium" in difficulty. But the views of rock, valley and two spectacular waterfalls more than repaid the hard work. Un remuntador obert només a l'estiu permet, entre altres coses, arribar a la Bosse de … This La plagne Office de Tourisme de La Grande Plagne - 1355 route d’Aime - Les Provagnes - 73210 LA PLAGNE TARENTAISE Contact us The Col de Labby and the Col de la Grande Casse are often climbed on foot, using boot crampons. • Best learn some French, it’s primarily a French trekking area and dinner conversation flows much better. The chalet features 5 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a … to the groomed slopes and find the wild untracked a bit intimidating Haute Route Plateau All morning is spent approaching the Entre Deax Eaux area, nestled under the 1500m faces of the Grande Casse and Motte. The exceptional quality of this tour lies largely in the quality of the downhill skiing. Hauteville - Terre Ronde : Webcam - Domaine Nordique de la Praille. The guardienne (Sylvie) had advised staying high as the better route, as against dropping down to the valley (less interesting, more climbing, but quicker). From Val Thorens we take the lift system to the Col de Thorens at about 3100 meters. snow, or bad breakable crust. Deep in the Vanoise Alps, starting in Bozel, is this 20 kilometre climb that ends a few kilometres above the small ski station of Pralognan La Vanoise. À l'origine, le massif de la Vanoise était la partie montagneuse au sud du col de la Vanoise. Au départ de Termignon , vous passerez 3 jours dans la zone cœur du parc de la Vanoise , le premier parc national crée en France avec une faune et une flore incomparables et diversifiées. This part of France is home to the largest ski resorts in the world. on the long descents which follow. I crossed two more, smaller cols before arriving at the remote Refuge at 2600m. Vers l'ouest, les glaciers ou dômes de la Vanoise, glaciers en plateau s'étendant de la dent Parrachée à la pointe de la Réchasse sur près de 13 km et 30 km2. 45.3988591 - 6.5734641 See on a map > Arriving in Meribel, you will find us in the direction of the airfield, near the roundabout of the slopes, along the shopping gallery Le Plateau. Aiguille de la Vanoise Climbing Notes. There is climbing too, generally easy–mid difficulty on the glacier routes but also a significant range of rock climbing routes. Climbing photos at Col de la Vanoise uploaded by users of information about the logos, All images, layout and text ©2014 Cosley & Most efforts are appreciated. Should have bought two. Bubble-foaming torrents run down the steep slopes and they make a stream just below the refuge. Col de la Vanoise Mountain Photos. • Phone reception is a lottery: L’Arpont had good reception, other refuges not at all. You can book them through the PNV website, ( and click ‘Reserver’). Our route climbs up the valley to the south, then more steeply up to the Col d'Aussois at 2914 meters. in the bumps and seek them out, then you most likely have developed Cicerone’s Tour of the Vanoise guide split it into two, on the assumption that the stiff climb to L’Orgère may be suffered through on the evening of arrival, before a gentle 5 hour walk to the next refuge. The connected resorts of Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens take literally several days to explore. conditions (heavy wet snow, crud or breakable crust) and not losing • Huts are open mid-June to mid-September. But at night the trains were gone, the traffic fell away and the people came out and, surprise, Modane was a proper French town again. Le parc national de la Vanoise est un parc national situé en France dans le département de la Savoie en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The tour of the Vanoise is a circular trek which allows you to be at close quarters with elegant high mountain peaks and stunning alpine glaciers. Distance - 9.7 km. In any case, we start with a long skin ascent, finally reaching the summit at 3586 meters. • The huts do splendid picnics, especially if you like couscous. UIAGM Internationally Licensed Mountain Guides, AMGA Certified • SNGM members This has been rebuilt in recent years, and now has a magnificent new dining area and sun terrace as well as improved facilities. No such luck for me: the climb to the refuge was a steady 2hrs 10mins, and then the traverse around the Col du Barbier to the Aussois valley was a delightful walk. Flowers everywhere, marmots, chamois, the whole alpine shebang. We will never spam you, sell your data or send emails from third parties. We had passed by on our GR5 walk a few years ago and had a morning coffee in a Portakabin, so a brand spanking new refuge was most welcome. skiing is not up to par you will spend far, far more energy than Our final descent to the Refuge du Col de la Vanoise starts gently, then steepens for the final 500 meters. I had been studying the map for a couple of days, but I had spotted that I could rejoin a high traverse from the Col de la Vanoise to the next hut, the Refuge de la Vallette, and cross several cols. (and have great fun as well!) Ascent - 317 meters (not including the numerous lifts) Distance - 12.9 km. The route climbs through an eroded section where the path construction has made what 10 years ago seems exposed into a straightforward steep section. a long day than the absolute technical difficulty of the skiing. Access to the tour is often through Pralognan, a small resort town at 1400m approached from the north. Climbing again, we gain the Col du Dard at 3130 meters. Distance - 16.4 km. The glaciers have receded but must have been spectacular in their prime, one of France’s greatest beauties.